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 Why hemp clothing?


Production and processing of hemp fibers is harmless for the enviroment, because the plant doesn’t need any pesticed or other chemicals and it uses a small amount of water. Hemp helps detoxify and regenerate the soil instead of depleting it.


Because of hemp fiber’s extreme durability, the products made of it have a very long time span. Each product can be used for a longer time and after it’s completely used, it can be recycled and used again.

About hemp


Throughout the whole process hemp doesn’t need any chemicals which makes it skin-friendly and is perfect for people with allergies. We do not sweat in hemp clothing because it is very breathable.

Quick delivery

Delivery time of our products depends on your location. We usually send it in 1-3 working days from the day of payment.

Safe payment

Our products can be paid for by PayPal or your Credit card. Both methods are safe and secure.

Refunds and returns

Each product can be returned in accordance to our Terms & Conditions in 30 days from the day you received it.

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