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Zadruga Konopko (Konopko Cooperative)

We became a part of Konopko Cooperative on the 5th of February 2016, with the intent to cooperate and offer mutual assistance.

The purpose of the cooperative is to integrate existing and future producers and processors of hemp for various uses, innovaters, researchers and other stakeholders. The main purpose, however, is the development and production of hemp for various socially useful purposes, to support small and medium sized producers and processors of hemp, to establish fair trade for hemp and products made from hemp and the integration of rural areas with urban centers. The purpose of te cooperative is also to promote and develop organic farming and sustainable supply of hemp and hemp products and the promotion of socio-entrepreneurial activities in the production and processing of hemp.

Cooperatives around the world are increasingly popular, because the are based on integrating people who work in the same industry to make them a stronger whole. They are not only an important part of our history and tradition, but also our future, because their form can adapt to our needs and circumstances of the time. They are one of the connecting agricultural, forestry and broader economic organization operating modes, which Slovenians surely need. Cooperation and integration is needed as a fundamental tenet of our economic, social and ultimately cultural activity. Companies that operate under the cooperative business model are also much more resistant to the negative effects of the global economic crisis, compared to other predominantly profit-oriented enterprises.

Partners hemp clothing hemp coop konopko

You can find out more about Konopko Cooperative on their website:


With the intent to promote and work together, we associated with the Polzela socks factory. In 2016 they introduced their own brand of hemp socks called Nabis’ Wear. As well as ourselves, they look for high quality and comfort in their products.

Polzela wants to enable to their consumers superior comfort, health protection, sports and recreational inspiration, and especially an aesthetic experience, inspired by emerging fashion trends. Their products are top quality and meet even the most demanding tastes and exceed consumer expectations. With aesthetic perfection they help shape the lifestyle of confident women and men.

You can find more products produced by Polzela on their website:


AydArt – Unique products

Behind the name AydArt hides a girl named Ajda, an artistic soul since childhood. After graduating from art high school she devoted herself to her studies at the Faculty of Education, not long ago however, she returned back to creating. She currently manufactures jewelry from buttons which are dressed in fabrics using homemade tools and her own manufacturing techniques. Fabrics used to make jewelry are mainly reused after the recycle / zero waste principle. She looks for interesting fabrics everywhere, because a wonderful fashion accessory can be made from the smallest of pieces. With her jewelry from fabrics she wants to add texture, a timeless look, something nostalgic yet modern.

You can find out more about Ajda and all of her products on her Facebook page: AydArt – unikatni izdelki.


Laura Pika

Laura Fajfar is finishing her studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and is creating her own brand named Laura. She loves fast and colourful bikes and drawing her travelogue through the streets of Ljubljana every day. She breathes easier with the wind in her hair. She likes people and their hidden corners. She likes imagination in all its shapes and sizes. She surrenders to it freely. Again and again she is surprised how the imagined finds its way into the real world. She loves and adores life and all the dots on the i.

You can find out more about Laura and all of her products on her Facebook page: Laura Pika.


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