Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

The online shop Switch hempwear offers two different ways to purchase their products. Namely:
– Payment after delivery (Payment is made to the postman who delivered the package to the requested location or at the post office where the package is received).
– Payment through a PayPal acount (Payment in advance via the PayPal service)

There may only be one time payments (payments in a lump sum), payment in installment is not practiced. Prices do not include shipping and/or delivery costs. Seller reserves the right to change prices without additional warnings on the website. The cost to use the website www.switch-hepwear.si is not charged to the quests of the website. The contract is stored in al electronic form on the server, the customer is sent an e-mail with all the information about the purchase.

For further information we are available seven days a week through our email info@switch-hempwear.si, where we will be happy to answer all of your questions, suggestions and wishes.

For online orders over 100 euros the postage is free of charge. The package will be sent to the agreed upon address not later than within three day of purchase. The shipping time varies depending on your location. If you are not present upon delivery at the address you can pick up your shipment at the nearest post office. Any delivery overrun does not affect the validity of the purchase and does not constitute legal effects for the buyer. In the event of a late shipment, the customer can contact us on our mail info@switch-hempwear.si, where we will provide answers as to why the error occured and how it can be quickly solved. If you are to inquire about a product which we at the time will not have in stock, we will send information to your e-mail address. A personal pick up can also be negotiated.

The customer will be provided with a receipt after the personal pick up or delivery. The buyer is obligated to verify the correctness of the information on the receipt after the delivery. In the event a mistake has been made, he has 4 days, after he received the receipt, to let us know. Delayed complaints about receipt errors will not be taken into account after the time period of 4 days has passed.

All the prices are in Euros (EUR) with VAT. All prices shown in the online store can be changed at any given time without additional warning.

In the event a customer does not personally receive the package on his address, he can pick it up at the nearest post office within 14 days. If the customer does not pick up the package within 14 days at the post office, it is returned to the company headquarters, however the customer is still fined with costs of delivery and cost of package recovery. Upon payment of the costs and contacting Preklop d.o.o., we return the costs of the original package directly to your bank account.

Customers are provided with a 30 days warranty on purchased products upon package delivery. The customer is entitled to the warranty only by submitting their receipt.

Warranty is valid only in the following cases:
– if the customer has received a product, which does not coincide with the order,
– if the product does not have characteristics or forms, prescribed to the product,
– if the product has properties that prevent it from its use,
– if the received product is damaged in any way.

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